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Our Coffee

Our mission

Our mission is to take care of our land and all living beings on it. We do this by using ZERO agro chemicals and cultivating organically according to principles of permaculture. We are restructuring the coffee plantation by planting many trees and are converting it into a forest with coffee in it. We do selective weed control where invasive weeds are removed by hand and the once that attract beneficial insects are left between the coffee.

We are healing our land by giving back bio mass, making our own organic fertilizer and trying to use every part of the picked coffee bean in the process.

Our product

Our coffee is variedad Castillo, grown in the Andean mountains at 1900 meters altitude. 

We offer three types of coffee:
  • Traditional coffee where the coffee cherries are picked, fermented for 24 hours, the pulp is removed, another 24 hours of fermentation, and after the beans are washed and dried. It has hints of chocolate and caramel.

  • Honey coffee is a specialty coffee where the process is a method in which coffee cherries are picked and hand sorted, fermented for 24 hours, have their pulp removed, fermented again for 48 hours and are then dried without washing off the sticky-sweet outer layer (mucilage) of the fruit. Honey coffee has a striking fruitiness, largely due to the amount of time the beans get to spend in the mucilage and those caramelized sugars seep in during fermentation and drying. 

  • Natural coffee is a specialty coffee where the process is a method in which coffee cherries are picked, hand sorted, fermented for 48 hours and then put to dry with the fruit still around it. Hence it´s fruitiness. 

Both Honey and Natural are called dry coffees; they require zero water in their process so are more environment friendly than the traditionaly washed coffees. Their processing is more time consuming because the bean has to be hand selected and the drying process is longer and more delicate.   

A few reasons why you should buy our coffee:
  • We do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

  • Our coffee is "Café de Origen", it comes from our farm only. Most brands of coffees are a mixture of beans bought from many different farms so it loses the characteristics of one place. Our coffee is surrounded by native trees and fruit trees that give it its special proprieties.  

  • "From the tree straight to your mouth"; we only deliver coffee that is picked and processed in a short amount of time so it doesn't loose its delicious flavors.

Our Coffee Beer collaboration with Malas Compañías:
  • Delicious beer made with our coffee



Please contact us if you would like to buy our coffee.

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