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Finca Sagrado

Organic coffee, permaculture and ecotourism
Jericó, Colombia

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Our farm


About us

Hi there!

We are Finca Sagrado, a family owned coffee farm.

We bought this farm a few years ago because we fell in love with the land and thought this place would be amazing to raise our son. We didn´t know anything about (coffee) farming at that point and kind of turned into coffee farmers overnight. After a year of hard work and a lot of learning we started offering our own brand Café Finca Sagrado.

Our goal is to protect the environment so we produce 100% organic coffee. We are focusing and learning more about permaculture, restructuring the coffee plantation and planting more native trees, and growing our own food so we can be as much self sustainable as possible.


Aside from this we do natural building, carpentry, artesania, and ceramics.

We love to share and exchange knowledge, so come and visit us!!!


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Finca Sagrado

Vereda la Traviesa

Jericó, antioquia



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